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As Chabad marks its tenth year as a force of friendship on the Vanderbilt campus, we recognize the substantial

Today, we must join hands to build Vanderbilt’s Chabad House into a truly welcoming Jewish home.

To welcome the many students who are still left out…

To provide an oasis in middle of the campus action to breathe, think and draw energy…

To ensure vibrant Jewish life continues to be a seamless feature of this charming southern campus…

The impact of the new Chabad student center

111 23rd Avenue N, Nashville, TN

Shabbat Dinners

A spacious new main room for Shabbat dinners and events.


A fully-stocked lounge with games, screens, coffee bar and snacks.


Flexible space to allow for multiple events of varying sizes.


An efficient and expansive kitchen serving kosher meat lunches and dinners.


The only dedicated shul for quiet personal prayer.

Meeting Space

Comfortable meeting space for private counseling.
Current Challenges Current building New Center
Dedicated Student Space 1,400 Sq Feet 5,955 sq feet
Attendance capacity for events 60 seated, 80 standing 250 seated, 300+ standing
Dedicated Sanctuary with Ark NO YES
Engaging Jewish Library NO Yes
Attractive Space that students will use for meetings, school work, and socializing NO YES
Commercial Kitchen NO YES
Ability to host multiple programs and uses simultaneously NO YES

Student Lounge + Parking/entry


Event Space

Total Fundraising Goal: $5,700,000

How does a vision of this scope become a reality?

Every step of the planning, purchasing and fundraising for this project depends on the commitment of its most important investors: Our community of alumni, parents and friends. With a show of support from every invested family, we are confident the new Chabad Student Center will be the pride of Nashville in under two years.

  • Campus Name$1,500,000
  • Endowment Name$1,100,000
  • Jewish Life Hall - The dining room
    All Shabbat and Holiday Dinners
  • Sanctuary for the Heart, Mind and Soul$540,000
  • Think Jewish Library$360,000
  • Parsonage$360,000
  • Student Lounge$180,000
  • Handicap Access/Elevator$100,000
  • Commercial Kitchern$100,000
  • Hospitality Suite$72,000
  • Chabad Wisdom Center$72,000
  • Rabbi's Study$54,000
  • Rooftop Balcony - Sukkah$54,000
  • Appreciation Lobby$54,000
  • Restrooms$36,000
  • Sun Porch$36,000
  • Executive Office$36,000
  • Main Entrance Mezuzah$25,000
  • Landscaping and Reflection Pool$25,000
  • Welcome Patio$25,000
  • Mezuzahs (4 Available)$18,000
  • Bookcases (10 Available)$10,000
  • Gold Leaf$5,400
  • Silver Leaf$3,600
  • Leaf$1,800

Donation Amount

Honor Wall